Fear Death Xperience

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Fear Death Xperience (FDX)


are an original metal band, hailing from South Wales, UK. Blending together many different styles of heavy music to produce the resulting ‘-X- Metal’ genre.. a heavy but accessible, dark but soulful musical experience. Incorporating crushing guitars, precision drums and a broad vocal spectrum of melody and intensity. The all important ‘hooks’ are ever present within each song, giving the listener something that will stay with them long after the music stops. Having been compared to various other bands such as.. MachineHead, Godsmack and Megadeth..but have never been a band that could be put into one single category as the musical elements vary so much.. from Thrash Metal to Groove, Hard Rock to Death Metal, Atmospheric to even Black metal in moments. That’s why ‘-X- Metal’ is so fitting a description for this band.

Their song and calling card ‘Shallow The Grave’ while only in it’s demo form had caused quite a stir over the internet since it’s arrival, literally changing the minds of people with negative views of heavy music. A song that imprints itself into the listeners head due to it’s simplicity, it’s depth..and the unmistakable vibe that it brings. A dark but uplifting journey of a song…the new version of which is availble on FDX’s debut albums Killer & Killer -DeluXe-, released May 21st, 2013 under their label PolyRam Music Group.

FDX blend together all things good in heavy music and give you something that you can not only rock out to, but feel it at the same time. Without trying to be anything commercial, FDX’s music is something you can listen to and enjoy even if you’re not a heavy metal fan. FDX has the power to convert you. \m/

Fear Death Xperience:

  • gA Calford – Lead vocals, Lead electric and acoustic guitars, keys
  • Adz Redpath – Lead electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
  • Rob Gillings – Bass
  • Kristofer Davies – Drums


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Killer (DeluXe)

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Available on the PMG iStore


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Fear Death Xperience Info
  • Vocals/GTR/Keys- gA Calford
  • GTR/Vocals- Adz Redpath
  • Bass- Rob Gillings
  • Drums- Kristofer Davies


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You know when you’ve had a fear death experience….you just fuckin’ know!”

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